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AOA Neurosurgery Residency


American Osteopathic Association Neurosurgery Residency Programs have a long tradition of academic excellence and extensive surgical experience from the early years of training, exposing residents to a large number of high-quality cases. This website is designed to give students, residents, and program directors an overview of issues relating to AOA neurosurgical residency training. Specific documentation can be found at the websites of the AOA, ACOS, AOBS and others- many of the links are presented throughout this website. This is not an official website of those organizations. Those organizations can be found by clicking here: AOA, ACOS, AOBS



Do you have the energy?

Do you want to be on the cutting edge of medicine?

Do you want to explore the last frontier?

Do you want to practice state of the art medicine?


Neurosurgery is not for everyone; it is only for a few, only for an individual who takes pride and responsibility for actions, only for those that give 100% all the time, and only for those that want to be members of an elite team. An AOA Neurosurgery Residency takes energy and we wish to match up that person to this field.



The AOA Neurosurgery Programsí sole objective is to train the complete neurosurgeon that is exceedingly competent in academic and clinical neurosurgery. The AOA Neurosurgery Programs want individuals who practice medicine with kindness and compassion and who communicate with respectful logical actions and words. AOA Neurosurgery Programs need individuals who integrate Osteopathic philosophy into the care of the nervous system and the entire person. AOA Neurosurgery Programs want team members who can improve the individual and societal practice of medicine fostering education, camaraderie and cooperation. AOA Neurosurgery Programs need specialists who excel in the business and professional aspect of medicine nurturing growth, research, teaching, and best standards of practice. AOA Neurosurgery Programs want the individual who can solidify the many facets of medicine leading to improved patient and public instruction and confidence.


Are you that one, that team member, that elite academic and clinical machine?


The AOA Neurosurgery Residency Programs are designed to provide trainees with a basic fund of knowledge that will allow them to recognize, diagnose, and treat with compassion and understanding the neurosurgical patient.  An AOA Neurosurgery Residency Programs expose the resident to all phases of the neurosurgical practice, with well-defined year-to-year progressive goals, expecting the resident to enjoy remaining on the cutting edge.


Still not sure?