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Program Overview


The AOA Neurosurgery Residency Programs are structured to provide a wide variety of academic and clinical experience, with each year progressively building upon the previous, culminating as chief resident in neurosurgery.  The educational experience is formulated upon direct teaching not relying solely upon resident chores.  The main objective is to provide excellence in the neurosurgery resident’s education; it is not to provide manpower. However, the AOA Neurosurgery Programs will provide you with the full arsenal needed to make quick informed and important decisions.


All Neurosurgical Residents strictly adhere to the 80- hour per week work rule, allowing residents to concentrate on Neurosurgery and still have time for personal growth. This allows the resident to remain dynamic, in top mental condition at all times.


The AOA Neurosurgery Residency Programs have incorporated within them and mandate that the seven core competencies set forth by the AOA be measured and mastered, giving the Neurosurgical Residents the tools to be a complete physician, excelling in all areas.  These measured “Core Competencies” are medical knowledge, patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism, practice-based learning and improvement, systems-based practice, and Osteopathic principles and philosophy.


To produce competent specialists in neurological surgery the programs provide the residents with didactic, clinical, communicative, professional and Osteopathic experiences and competencies.  The programs correlate basic science material with the clinical manifestations of diseases of the nervous system with particular emphasis on those with surgical therapies, those therapies that result in a quick response and personal satisfaction.


The AOA Neurosurgical Programs will fulfill the requirements for completion as outlined by the American Osteopathic Association, and qualify the resident to master the Neurosurgery board certification examinations as outlined by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery.


AOA Neurological Surgery training is rigorous and demanding and by adhering tightly to the Osteopathic principles and practice encompass those essential competencies of all medicine. The formidable Neurosurgery curriculum will integrate the body’s whole health and its affect on the nervous system.


Do you enjoy emergency medicine?

Do you enjoy internal medicine?

Do you enjoy surgery?


An AOA Neurosurgery Program incorporates all these areas and more such as critical care medicine, traumatology, and nutritional support—none of these can be divorced from the care of the neurosurgical patient. Neurosurgeons not only manage back pain, and causes of headaches, some of the most common ailments, they also operate for carpal tunnel syndrome, spine disease, aneurysms and the most complex skull base disease.


Lastly, attention to research in the clinical neurosciences provides additional challenges and allows Neurosurgery Residents the chance to improve the practices of neurosurgery. The brain and mind constitute the last frontier. The combination is the basis of all that we are. It is life, it is society and it is up the Neurosurgery Resident to strive as the team member to protect it and make it better.


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