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Each year the Neurosurgical Discipline in conjunction with the ACOS provide an educational program for faculty and residents. This provides an opportunity for programs to display posters and talks discussing cutting edge technology and procedures. This year's meeting was held October 31 through November 3, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois at the Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile. The 2009 Neurosurgical Discipline ACA Chair was Mark Goldberger, DO.


Next year's meeting, October 23-26, 2010 will be held in San Francisco, California at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco and the Moscone Convention Center. It is a combined meeting with the AOA Annual Convention (OMED). The 2009 Neurosurgical Discipline ACA Chair is Dan Miulli, DO.


There will again be resident Jeopardy. Teams of three from each residency program can compete for prizes and recognition.


Photos of the 2006 ACA ACOS Convention, 2007 ACA ACOS Convention2008 ACA ACOS Convention, and 2009 ACA ACOS Convention can be found by selecting the links.


Annual ACOS Neurosurgical Discipline Meeting


The education program for the 2007 Neurosurgical Discipline ACA meeting can be found at this link.

The Annual NSD education program for the 2009 meeting in Chicago, IL can be found below.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

      1:00 PM        2:00 PM       Neurological Surgery Discipline Annual Business Meeting

2:00 PM        2:30 PM       Ethic issues in General Neurosurgery Gary R. Simonds, M.D.

      2:30 PM         3:00 PM       Health Care Reform Dan E. Miulli, D.O., FACOS

3:00 PM         3:30 PM      Cincinnati Children's Hospital Hydrocephalus Project - Advanced MR Imaging Francesco T. Mangano, D.O.

3:30 PM         4:30 PM      Resident Jeopardy


Sunday, November 01, 2009

 7:00 AM       7:30 AM      Canine Human Brain Tumor Correlates Stephen A. Fletcher, D.O., FACOS

 7:30 AM       8:00 AM      Role of the Neurosurgeon and Stereotactic Radiosurgery in the Management of Primary CNS Malignancies Gregory H. Smith, D.O., FACOS

 8:00 AM      8:30 AM       Surgical Approaches and Pearls of Management of Skull Base Meningiomas Joshua L. Krass. D.O.

 8:30 AM       9:00 AM       Approaches and Techniques for Upper Cervical Meningiomas Joshua L. Krass, D.O.

 9:00 AM       9:30 AM       Vertebroplasty and/or Kyphoplasty for the Treatment of Pathologic Compression Fractures Lawrence P. Maccree, D.O.

 9:30 AM       10:00 AM    Stereotactic Radiosurgery Vs. Surgical Resection in Spinal Metastases Gregory H. Smith, D.O., FACOS

10:00 AM     10:30 AM    Surgical Options for Blunt Head Trauma with Frontal Sinus Fracture/Depressed Frontal Skull Fracture and Cranioplasty Brett A. Schlifka, D.O.

 10:30 AM    11:00 AM    Hemicraniectomy and/or Ventriculostomy in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Brett A. Schlifka, D.O.

11:00 AM     11:30 AM    Hemicraniectomy for Severe Head Injury in Children Stephen A. Fletcher, D.O., FACOS

      11:30 AM    12:30 PM      Lunch and Visit the Exhibits

  12:30 PM     1:00 PM      Current trends in ICU Medical Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Scott G. Glickman, D.0., Ph.D.., MPH

   1:00 PM      1:30 PM      Traumatic Brain Injury Guidelines: 2009 Update Daniel B. Michael, M.D., FACS

   1:30 PM      2:00 PM      Lumbar Drain Augmentation for Severe Head Injury Management Dan E. Miulli. D.O., FACOS

   2:00 PM      2:30 PM      Sports Related Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries Jon W. Taveau, D.O.

   2:30 PM      3:00 PM      C2 and Odontoid Fracture Management Steven S. Yocom, D.O.


Monday, November 02, 2009

7:00 AM      7:30 AM        Kyphoplasty, Vertebroplasty, and Structural Kyphoplasty in the Management of Vertebral Compression Fractures Lawrence P. Maccree, D.O.

7:30 AM      8:00 AM        Thoracolumbar Burst Fracture Surgical Management Options Bradley Hall, D.O.

8:00 AM      9:00 AM        Anterior Cervical Diskectomy with Fusion for Acute Herniated Disc Versus Cervical Disk Arthroplasty Daniel T. Laich, D.O.

8:00 AM      9:00 AM        Anterior Cervical Diskectomy with Fusion for Acute Herniated Disc Versus Cervical Disk Arthroplasty Steven S. Yocom, D.O.

     9:00 AM      9:30 AM        Management of Lumbar Spine Stenosis Mark O. Duncan, D.O.

9:30 AM    10:00 AM         Minimal Access and Percutaneous Approaches to the Lumbar Spine William F. Beringer, D.O.

10:00 AM  10:30 AM         Management of Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion via Trans 1 Approach Louis 1. Jacobs, D.O., FACOS

     10:30 AM       11:00 AM            External Bone Growth Stimulation for Smokers and Multi-level Fusion: is it Financially Justified Robert A. Dixon, D.O., FACOS

     11:00 AM       11:30 AM            Evolution of Interbody Fusion From PLIF To XLIF-Indications and Surgeon Preference Gregory H. Smith, D.O., FACOS

    11:30 AM         12:00 PM            To Fuse or Not to Fuse: A New Approach to Lumbar Motion Preservation Dennis E. Cramer, D.O.

    12:00 PM          1:00 PM              Lunch and Visit the Exhibits

      1:00 PM           1:30 PM             Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty - What is the Current State of Affairs Daniel T. Laich, D.O.

     1:30 PM            2:00 PM             Lumbar Fusion vs. Dynamic Stabilization Ying Chen, D.O.

     2:00 PM            2:30 PM            Patient Outcomes vs. Cost Containment in Lumbar Fusion Fernando Diaz, M.D.

    2:30 PM             3:00 PM            Timing and Definitive Treatment of Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms Daniel R. Pieper, M.D.

    2:30 PM             3:00 PM            Timing and Definitive Treatment of Ruptured Intracranial Aneurysms Richard Fessler, M.D.

    3:00 PM             3:30 PM            Contemporary Management of Vasospasm and Hydrocephalus Following Acute SAH Omar M. Qahwash, D.O.

    3:30 PM             4:00 PM            Blood Pressure Management in Intracranial Hemorrhage Scott G. Glickman, D.O., Ph.D.., MPH


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

      8:30 AM           9:00 AM             Chiari I Malformation Lisa Guyot, M.D.

      9:00 AM           9:30 AM             Cervical Spine Fracture Management Dawn R. Tartaglione, D.O.: FACOS

      9:30 AM         10:00 AM             NPH and Programmable Values Neil N. Patel, D.O.